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About Us

Landon has been operating drones for over 6 years through his sheer passion for the hobby, he now seeks to put his unique technical perspective to work as a UAS specialist. Innovative digital media platforms such as FPV and non FPV, (First Person View) unmanned aerial systems, 360 video, and 3D reference modeling are some of the key services which separates Eye Candy Aerials from the crowd. After finishing his undergrad in the Bachelor of Innovation™ at UCCS in May of 2021, Landon Lucero is eager to show the world what he is made of. 6 years of innovation focused, client-based projects taught Landon how cutting-edge technologies are rich with opportunities to solve everyday problems. Eye Candy Aerials is the crossroads of promotional art, and technical creativity. We aid businesses in all sectors maximize their potential via creative media and drones!  

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