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Smart Tourism is Here To Stay: How Drones Will Influence The Way You Travel.

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Smart phones have changed just about everything when it comes to travel. They tell us where we travel, when we should travel, or even why we should travel to begin with. The amazing part is how every aspect of travel has been commercialized. Whether it be airline tickets, hotel rooms, or even doggy daycare, the modern traveling experience is governed by intelligent software which is designed specifically to sell stuff to us. Airbnb hosts, restaurant owners, or local attractions alike, all may feel that when attracting attention online, they are normally left to the mercy of these AI algorithms which may or may not even put their content in front of their own audiences eye's. What if I told you that the software that decides what we experience online is biased? How can your company leverage the bias of an algorithm to benefit? Join us in this blog post to learn why Eye Candy Aerials will attract your company more leads that are already hot, elevate your perceived value, and increase overall online exposure.

Today, whether we realize it or not, we tend to rely on AI search engines when looking for recommendations tailored to suite our unique interests. Eye Candy Aerials provides high-quality, captivating, and intriguing video content designed catch the attention of large volumes of people online. Promoting your business through video clearly gives your company the edge as far as psychological marketing, but is surely no panacea. Eye Candy Aerials also has a deep understanding of the kinds of content that will drive AI algorithms to promote your products and services for you! Social media platforms are prioritizing video posts over everything else unveiling just how much more successful video clips are for keeping us mindlessly swiping. Trust me, we are all guilty! As online attention spans continue to shrink, social media platforms have adjusted to compensate through shorter video lengths, style and content variety.

Travel agents are becoming increasingly old fashioned now that anyone can create a smooth travel experience with just a few taps on a screen. This is exactly why drones and tourism are beginning to collide. As online competition for attention becomes more fierce, touring companies, attractions, and hospitality services at large must pre-emptively situate themselves with quality video content designed specifically to be more intriguing than that of the competitor. Drones are incredibly versatile tools which will give your potential customers perspectives which are guaranteed to make your business stand out!

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