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What even is "FPV"? What are "Cinewhoops"? What are "One-Cut" shots? How can my business benefit?

In the drone industry, we like to put everything into categories. Let's face it, not all drones are created equally, therefore, we must categorize things in order to name the plethora of drones on the market, each of which are uniquely suited for various mission types. Join us on this tour where we will discuss the various drone categories Eye Candy Aerials' specializes in. In our series of blog posts, we seek to help familiarize prospective and returning clients with the many, and ever-changing facets within the drone industry. We will discuss everything from nano-style cinewhoop racing, to professional grade X-class rigs; our journey together begins here.

"FPV", in the world of drones, is our acronym for First Person View. Pilots behind the sticks of an FPV drone wear specialized FPV goggles allowing them to swap perspectives to that of the drone they are flying. In doing so, precision maneuvers make previously impossible shots become possible through the use of FPV technology. There are many disciplines in the world of FPV which we will save for future blog posts. Rather than a boring deep dive, our blog post's goal is to familiarize people with this new, exciting, and blooming phase of "Cinewhoop FPV". Read till the end to find out how virtually any business can leverage something called a "One-cut shot" as powerful marketing asset.

You might be wondering at this point, "what the heck is a cinewhoop?". Thanks to miniaturized electronics, and high discharge, LiPo battery technology. Cinewhoops are the combination of these two worlds smashed in one. Today's FPV pilots are now flying ever smaller and thus, safer drones in places some may find very unconventional. Professional grade cinewhoops today provide 4k resolution, opening up a whole new world of professional potential. Most cinewhoops are able to meet the <250 gram weight limit to be considered "FAA Class 1", AKA legally operable around people so long that the blades are guarded. Mainstream products like DJI's Mavic Mini 2 meet the FAA's weight limit and other requirements of class 1 just like most cinewhoops. However, drone pilots still hesitate to consider them true cinewhoops strictly based on the restricted style of flying one can achieve with say, the DJI Mavic Mini 2. This is a good point showing where the line gets blurred a bit when it comes to micro and nano-sized multi-rotors. One major distinction comes into play which took some deliberation to come to terms with, but nevertheless, everyone I ask agrees. The main distinction and defining feature of a true cinewhoop is their ability's to be manually navigated via FPV systems and achieve something called a us pilots call a "One-cut shot".

One-cut shots are exactly what they sound like, a one-cut, easily digestible, captivating, and all-encompassing take of really anything when done right. For me personally, this is where the gears began turning in my head. Take real-estate walk-through tours for example, they are incredibly powerful marketing assets yet still, they have their flaws. Needless time is wasted stitching clips together, the flow of the home is not represented, and overall choppy videos are normally the result. These are definitely some, but not all of the daily struggles of real estate agents which could easily be avoided. Instead, how does a single shot that can perfectly do everything an average walk through tour video can do? Cinewhoops are capable of this, plus much more.

Newfound business potentials of one-cut shots may still remain in their infancy. Yet simultaneously, one-cut shots are constantly going viral online. Business owners are starting to see their potential and this new industry continues to gain traction. Right up our ally was a recent one-cut that took the internet by storm. It has surely spread much further than what the YouTube views indicate. Still 2.1 million hits isn't bad at all. We take heavy inspiration from this clip. To summarize, Eye Candy Aerials believes one-cut shots will most definitely transition into a mainstream marketing strategy of the future.

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Danny P
Danny P
Nov 23, 2021

This is very informative. thank you for sharing this.

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