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Why Real Estate Photography is DEAD: Mini "FPV" Drones Take Over. The New Age of Imagination.

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

As a kid, my dad would always tell me, " Landon, you have to change with the change in the world.". I never quite understood this until many years later when enough time had passed, and I could see this phenomena for myself. Everyone becomes old enough to perceive just how fast the world really is speeding up, but unfortunately, most do not change accordingly to keep up. We already saw pictures replace words, and now the same phenomena occurs with video replacing pictures. Whether we like it or not, our media-scape has become so saturated that mere pictures which don't seem to even compare to what video is bringing to the table nowadays. Especially from a statistical marketing perspective. Likewise, and to no surprise, pictures had the same effect on words, ever heard the phrase, "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Ethan McCarty once explained this in his article The End of Linear Story Telling.

Recently, tools such as FPV mini drones have become light, powerful, and safer than ever before. This makes them a perfect tool to capture audience's attention as quickly as possible. FPV technology has the added bonus of immersing your audience into the "First Person View", making them feel as though they already experiencing your product and or services. Piloting indoors around or through obstacles of any type takes extreme precision and skill, but when you add a 4k camera into the mix, you have yourself one lethal marketing videographer.

The applications of FPV in real estate marking has very attractive benefits on it's own. Instead of a slideshow full of deceptive, wide angle shots that are taken inches from the corner, or clicking through clunky virtual tours; how does one short but powerful, 2-5 minute, and highly immersive video sound? Realtors, imagine being able to list a property, and immediately receive five to ten times the amount of offers you normally do. These are the possibilities when marketing your listings through Eye Candy Aerials! Our content is single-take, therefore we give your viewers a transparent and honest experience of what a property is like without ever having to step foot in it. This saves you, the realtor, time for the showings that really count.

The decrease of the human attention span is measurable, skim/headline reading is at an all-time high, and a general lack of online interaction is now the mortal enemy of marketers across all industries. These are some, but not all the substantia which is becoming more of a reality for us to reconcile with as we leave the information age and proceed into the age of imagination. We have the statistics backing why video is superior to photos. Now how do we put this data to good use to create tangible impact for your business? I believe we have reached the tipping point where technology allows the imagination to become our greatest asset in creating highly impactful video marketing content. In the sector of marketing, this also means quickly adapting to the various trends of, "snackable-sized" content, vertical video that accommodates mobile, attention-grabbing, and highly immersive videos. Below is a beautiful infographic from the internet which dives a bit deeper into the statistics and research that inspired this blog post.

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